We’re selecting candidates around the United States at all levels of government. These candidates exemplify what America is about. Our candidates are from diverse backgrounds in terms of identity but also in terms of geography and culture, because we want to amplify the message of progressivism across all of America. 

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Amanda Farias for New York City Council, District 18

Amanda Farias

Our Interview

Amanda Farias has a bold, innovative agenda for the Bronx. Born and raised in the Soundview neighborhood of the Bronx, Amanda is second generation Puerto Rican-Dominican and understands firsthand the hardships of living in one of the most underserved areas in the United States. 

Amanda will strengthen small businesses and bring jobs to her community. She will strengthen public schools so that students from all backgrounds are given equal opportunity to succeed. She will fight for immigrants, women, the LGBT community and formerly incarcerated individuals in her district. 

Amanda is a passionate and inspired individual who will do great things for the Bronx. We're thrilled to introduce her to you! You can learn more about Amanda at https://www.amandafarias.nyc/.