We’re selecting candidates around the United States at all levels of government. These candidates exemplify what America is about. Our candidates are from diverse backgrounds in terms of identity but also in terms of geography and culture, because we want to amplify the message of progressivism across all of America. 

We're very proud to introduce our candidates!

Jennifer Carroll Foy, Virginia State Delegate

Jennifer Carroll Foy is now a Virginia State Delegate! We provided financial support to her campaign. She was elected on November 7, 2017. Here's what Jennifer had to say regarding our support: 

Amanda Farias for New York City Council, District 18

Amanda Farias

Our Interview

Amanda Farias lost her election in a very tough race, but she continues to serve the public. She will have an incredible career in public service, and we are honored to have supporter her campaign.

Vi Lyles, MayOR of Charlotte, north carolina


Vi Lyles was our first candidate, and we are so honored to have contributed to her success. Vi Lyles became the first black female mayor in Charlotte's history by demonstrating her leadership, her compassion and her integrity throughout her campaign. Charlotte is fortunate to have Vi Lyles as their mayor. Elected November 7, 2017.

Donte Tanner for Virginia State Assembly


Donte ran an incredible race in a pro-Trump district. By putting pressure on the Republican incumbent, Donte forced the Republican Party to spend tens of thousands of dollars in a district they expected to win without a fight. Donte was an incredible candidate, and we have no doubt that he will be a tremendous public servant in the near future. 

Schuyler VanValkenburg for Virginia State Assembly


Schuyler won a district that Republicans had held for ten years after receiving financial support from Resurgent Left. Schuyler said:

The Resurgent Left helped us prepare to hire a Field Director in June and rent office space by the beginning of July, both of which were ahead of schedule. Can't thank you enough, Resurgent Left!