In the days following Trump's victory, I (Kipp) saw a lot of people upset on Facebook. I'm sure you did too. But what bothered me was that even after this election, we were making the same mistake we've been making for years: basking in the comforts of our social media echo chambers. If this is the future of liberal activism, we're doomed to forever fail.

So, I decided to call everyone out, including myself. Most everyone had not done enough.

Facebook post

The post was shared dozens of times, and in a few hours we had over 500 members. I had seen other groups grow dramatically in size in the wake of Trump's election, only to wither because there wasn't a call to action. Many groups simply became networking opportunities.

So, we decided we had a duty to build something. If not now, when?

We created a PAC (basically a non-profit that gets directly involved in politics), and picked our goals based on what we found to be the most efficient way to rebuild the Democratic Party and stop Trump's agenda. We made it a "non-connected PAC" so that we can directly coordinate with other efforts and campaigns. And we've been collecting money and volunteers since.

So, here we are. Each of us has some political experience. But our true qualification for the task at hand is our sheer passion. We are deeply determined liberals, ready to fight for social and economic justice for all.