Stacey is an inspiring leader whose passion, charisma, vision, and proven track record has us (and the whole country) believing she will be the first black female governor in the history of the United States.

In 2010, Stacey became the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African American to lead in the House of Representatives. As House Minority Leader, she has worked strategically to recruit, train, elect, and defend Democrats to prevent a Republican supermajority in the House, and has worked across the aisle on behalf of all Georgians. During her tenure, she has stopped legislation to raise taxes on the poor and middle class and to roll back reproductive healthcare. She has brokered compromises that led to progress on transportation, infrastructure, and education. Most recently, she passed legislation to improve the welfare of grandparents and other kin raising children and secured increased funding to support these families.

Colin Allred for congress, Texas' 32nd District

Colin Allred.jpg

Born and raised in North Dallas by a single mom who taught in Texas public schools for nearly 30 years, Colin was an All-Star athlete at Hillcrest High School before earning a full-ride football scholarship to Baylor University. Diploma in hand and prepared to attend law school after college, he deferred his acceptance to the University of California Berkeley School of Law when he signed with the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent. Colin played the better part of five seasons in the NFL before sustaining a career-ending neck injury that opened the door for him to fulfill his dream of studying law and applying his legal training to help others.

As Special Assistant in the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of General Counsel, Colin helped then-Secretary Julián Castro ensure that the most vulnerable Americans can live in dignity. Among his projects at HUD, Colin worked with Congress and the Office of the Inspector General to ensure that public funds were spent wisely without sacrificing services and to ensure that the Department complied with all applicable ethics laws and regulations. Here in Texas, he put his legal skills to work as the Dallas-Fort Worth Director of the first-ever statewide coordinated voter protection program led by Battleground Texas during the 2014 gubernatorial election.

As an attorney for the prestigious Perkins Coie law firm, Colin was a voting rights litigator and counsel to a range of clients including national and state political candidates and advocacy organizations. Colin’s experience also includes positions in both the Obama White House and the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Katie Hill for Congress, California's 25th District

Katie Hill.jpg

Katie is an experienced change maker running for Congress in her hometown to give a voice to the people of California’s 25th district. Katie is running for Congress to make sure your values and your community, not special interests and corporate money, are represented in Washington.

Not long after graduating CSUN with a B.A. in English and a Masters in Public Administration, Katie began what would become an extraordinary professional journey as the Executive Director of PATH (People Assisting the Homeless), a non-profit developing affordable and supportive places for people to live. All of this before she turned 30 years old.

Katie is devoted to stabilizing families, addressing poverty at its roots, and bringing tangible and real change to her own community. She has dedicated her career to being a voice for vulnerable populations and believes underrepresented communities should be ensured a voice in Congress.

Andy Kim for Congress, New Jersey's 3rd District

Andy Kim

Andy Kim is a Rhodes Scholar and career public servant. He worked in the Obama White House, serving as a strategic advisor to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen and fighting the global war against ISIS. Andy is an incredibly brilliant and dedicated person, and would be an incredible Congressmember. 

What separates Andy from the pack is beyond pedigree. Andy Kim is as down-to-earth as he is brilliant. He's truly in it for the right reasons. Andy wants to see a government that represents the interests of the people, not just the special interests and the wealthy.

And he's in the perfect district for it. He's running against one of the co-sponsors of Trumpcare, Tom MacArthur. In fact, Tom MacArthur is often credited for saving the AHCA in the House. Let's elect Andy Kim and send Tom MacArthur to his early retirement. (and!) His election is in November 2018.

LAuren Underwood for Congress, Illinois' 14Th District

Lauren Underwood.jpg

Lauren is a registered nurse and Obama alum who has committed her life to public service. She's seeking a seat in Congress in order to boost northern Illinois' stagnant local economy by bringing new jobs in science and technology back to her district.

Lauren also intends to fight corruption in our Capitol by supporting legislation around transparency and governmental integrity.

As a career public servant at HHS, Lauren helped implement the Affordable Care Act — broadening access for those on Medicare, improving healthcare quality and reforming private insurance. Lauren is seeking to reduce healthcare costs, spread access to quality care, and fight the opioid epidemic.

Lauren is flat-out inspiring and will make for a wonderful Congressmember. Her election is in November 2018.

Mike Levin for Congress, California's District 49


Mike Levin is an environmental attorney and has extensive political experience at the local, state and federal levels. He resides in Darrell Issa's district, one of Donald Trump's closest allies in Congress. It's a district that Trump lost to Hillary by 7.4%, and Issa won the last election by a mere 1,621 votes. It's a seat that we have to win to retake the house. 

Matt Haney for San Francisco Board of Supervisors

RL - Matt Haney.png

Matt has served as President of the San Francisco School Board, and will be a wonderful supervisor for San Francisco. He's particularly focused on helping the homeless community and making sure that San Francisco builds more affordable housing. He's also interested in making sure schools provide access to computer science and technology for all students, regardless of family wealth or background.

He also runs a social justice incubator, defends tenants from evictions as an attorney, and is a co-founder of #Cut50, an organization dedicated to cutting crime and incarceration in all fifty states. Matt is an incredible leader and a true fighter for social justice. Matt's election is in November 2018.

Lina Hidalgo for Harris County Judge

RL - Lina Hidalgo.jpg

Born in Colombia at the height of the drug war, Lina feels greatly indebted to the opportunities that Houston afforded to her through great public schools and a safe neighborhood that helped her become the first in her family to attend college in the United States. Lina graduated Stanford University and pursued a joint degree in law and public policy at NYU and Harvard. She has served both the immigrant and incarcerated communities in numerous capacities, including researching criminal justice policy and working for the Texas Civil Rights Project. 

Harris County Judge is a unique position. It is not a judicial position. Instead, it's more like the county Mayor, and the head of Harris County’s governing body, known as the County Commissioners' Court. Harris County is the third largest county in the United States, and has only had one female County Commissioner and zero female County Judges. 

The County Judge oversees a 4.3 billion dollar budget that pays for key services in Harris County, which has over 4.5 million inhabitants. Lina seeks to make Harris County a more fair and more prosperous place for all. 

Jessica Morse for Congress, California's District 4


Having worked for her country for over a decade as a national security strategist, including over a year in Iraq, Jessica Morse, 35, is running for Congress to support and defend her community. She has experience with the federal budget and national security. She is a fearless environmentalist.

She's running against Tom McClintock, who has blindly supported President Trump and has decimated the environment as a Congressman in Northern California for nearly a decade. 

Her seat is in a mildly conservative district, but winning this district could mean taking control of the House. And she's the candidate who can do it. She's smart, gritty, and compassionate. We have supported her campaign and will continue to do so. Her election is in November 2018.

Nicole Johnson for Chicago’s 20th Ward Alderman

Nicole Johnson.jpg

Nicole J. Johnson was born and raised in the 20th Ward in the Englewood community, located in Southside Chicago. She wants to ensure that Chicago can work for all Chicago citizens. She's moving forward with a simple message: We Deserve Better.

Nicole works for Teamwork Englewood, a non-profit organization dedicated to safety, services to special needs populations and the promotion of healthy lifestyles for all residents of Chicago. She earned a Master’s of Science in Education Policy at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, a Master’s of Arts in Teaching from National Louis University, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She is a 2012 Chicago Scholars alum and a proud Chicago Public School graduate.

Leif Dautch for San Francisco District Attorney

RL - Leif Dautch.jpg

Leif Dautch is a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California and the Past President of the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Commission. After graduating with honors from Yale and Harvard Law School, Leif returned to California to extern for San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris and to clerk for a Ninth Circuit judge in San Francisco. He worked at a law firm and on President Obama’s reelection campaign before joining the Attorney General’s Office in 2012. He has prosecuted more than 300 criminal cases in state and federal court, from trials to arguments before the California Supreme Court. Leif has also served as a policy advisor, drafting legislation and testifying before the California State Assembly and State Senate on issues ranging from human trafficking to environmental protection. As an Assistant Team Leader, he helps supervise a team of attorneys and has served on the Criminal Division’s Hiring Committee and Technology Task Force.

Leif is running for San Francisco District Attorney on a theory of criminal justice grounded in compassion and progressive values, but one that keeps our streets and neighborhoods clean and safe. A model that ensures victims of crime get the justice they deserve, while defendants get the help they need to address the root causes of crime. A model that will make folks proud to live in a prosperous, equitable, safe San Francisco.

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