Every Seat Counts: We support special Democratic candidates in red, blue and purple states, at all levels of government. Our goal is to eliminate all safe seats for Republicans and push the party towards a fifty-state strategy. 

Flip State Legislatures/Governorships Blue: We support state-level candidates who can flip state legislatures and governorships blue across the United States, with an eye towards ending the practice of gerrymandering. 

The Plan

Raise Money: Our candidates are often new to the political scene, and they need money in order to develop name recognition and build a campaign. Progressivism wins when the message is made loud and clear. Unfortunately, "loud and clear" costs money. We raise money for our special candidates in order to amplify their voices and win seats.

Help Candidates Build Their Network: We connect our candidates with highly reputable and invaluable resources, including campaign managers, tech gurus, media savvy firms, etc. 

50-State Strategy: If Republicans want any seat, anywhere and at any level of government, they should have to fight for it. We believe in full-court pressure, because we believe that the message of progressivism wins when it's delivered properly. We are the party of the people. We just have to make our message heard.

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Recent Updates

Resurgent Left Mentioned (ever so briefly) in the New York Times for our efforts in Virginia!

about those efforts in virginia

We landed haymaker after haymaker on the Republican Party. Democratic candidate and now VA Governor-Elect Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie, and against extremely difficult odds, it looks like Democrats will take the Virginia General Assembly as well. 

What's more: Through both financial and non-financial means, we supported two candidates who are now elected officials in Virginia: Jennifer Carroll Foy and Schuyler VanVaklenburg. We also supported Donte Tanner, an excellent candidate in a very red district. He is now seeking a recount to determine whether he has won. 

jenniferfoy 2.jpg


Virginia was our first true test. And yesterday, we proved that the Resistance is infinitely more powerful than anyone could have predicted. 

Our work in charlotte

Vi Lyles was our first official candidate who we endorsed, and we promoted her candidacy early on. Vi Lyles is now officially the first black female mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. Here's what she said to us: 

Also, new jersey

One of our goals with Resurgent Left is to put pressure on Republicans in all races, regardless of whether we have a good chance of winning that particular election. Some of our candidates are long-shots, and we like it that way. When we compete in every election, we drive voter turnout. Those votes trickle up the ballot. 

Furthermore, change in some districts has to happen incrementally. If our candidates do better than the prior Democratic campaigns, and we're chipping away at Republican strongholds, that's a great thing. It means Republicans will have to redirect resources to those districts, loosening up other districts. It means more people will turnout and vote for their governor and their Presidential candidates, as well as other races, from District Attorney to School Board candidate.

In New Jersey, we supported candidates with nearly impossible odds. Their districts were heavily Republican. But we wanted to help incremental change.

So, we went out and supported candidates in District 39 of New Jersey, a heavily Republican district. And they did an incredible job. In 2013, the Democratic State Assembly candidates in that district lost by 9,000 votes. Yesterday, our NJ Assembly candidates, Jannie Chung and Annie Hausmann lost by about 3,000 votes. They fought a hell of a race, closed the gap in their district by about 66%, and lifted the governor's campaign by about six-thousand votes. 

For New Jersey State Senate, we supported Democratic candidate Linda Schwager. In the last election in 2013, the Democratic candidate lost, 64% - 36%. We supported her campaign because we believe we can flip that district in a couple election cycles.

This year, Linda narrowed the gap in her district dramatically by receiving 46% of the vote. That's more votes up the ballot, and paves the way for the next Democrat in her district. 

Our New Jersey candidates did a hell of a job, and we're so proud to have supported them.

our los angeles fundraiser

On November 4th, in Los Angeles, we raised thousands of dollars for progressive candidates, and managed to sign up dozens of monthly contributors. 


Our fundraiser included some excellent raffle prizes and guest speakers! Be on the lookout for announcements regarding our next round of fundraisers in NYC, SF, LA, Sacramento, NYC, and DC! 

Our Kickoff Video: Trump Slump

Featured in the New York TimesSalon.com and Mother Jones!