The Resurgent Left is an independent PAC and all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting future leaders of the Democratic Party. We find promising progressive leaders running for office and provide them with institutional, financial, and network support to help them build winning campaigns. 

We see ourselves as the financial complement to the new wave of young Democrats running and winning around the U.S. Our membership base includes young progressive professionals across the country and across all demographics who treat our organization like another Netflix account — paying a small monthly membership fee that we pool and send to candidates. Since launching in late 2016, we have attracted thousands of members and have already helped elect several future leaders to office. As our membership grows and matures into the political donor base of the future, we will be a potent and sustainable force for the Democratic Party.

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THE Plan

Find Future Democratic Leaders: We identify promising candidates that represent the future of the Democratic Party. Our candidates are young, diverse, promising leaders committed to improving the lives of people in their communities. See our current list of endorsed candidates.

Raise Money: We believe progressivism wins when the message is made loud and clear. Unfortunately, "loud and clear" costs money. Our candidates are often first-time candidates who need money to develop name recognition and build a campaign.  We raise money for our special candidates in order to amplify their voices and help them win.

Build A Network: In addition to providing our candidates with financial support, we can connect our candidates with highly reputable and invaluable resources needed to win a campaign, including campaign managers, tech gurus, media savvy firms, etc. 

50-State Strategy: We believe that if Republicans want any seat, anywhere, at any level of government, they should have to fight for it.  We believe in full-court pressure and support candidates everywhere in the country at all levels — federal, state, and local.

Recent Updates:


In Los Angeles, we raised thousands of dollars for our candidates and had the pleasure of hosting a Q and A with Congressman Ted Lieu. We helped Democrats, learned a lot from our Congressman and had a blast! Be sure to attend our next event, coming to your town soon!

Endorsement of Three New Candidates

 Colin Allred (TX-32)

Colin Allred (TX-32)

 Katie Hill (CA-25)

Katie Hill (CA-25)

 Nicole Johnson (Chicago’s 20th Ward)

Nicole Johnson (Chicago’s 20th Ward)


Our Kickoff Video: Trump Slump

Featured in the New York and Mother Jones!